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Ground Yoga is an urban sanctuary dedicated to the development of healthy bodies, clear minds and open hearts through the experience of Yoga. Students are encouraged to sweat, enjoy and challenge themselves, as well as begin to explore

their inner life on the mat, which inevitably echoes into life off the mat.


Ground Yoga offers a diversity in yoga classes, as well as a wide range of teachers and teaching styles. Whether you are new to

yoga or have an already established yoga practice you will find Ground Yoga to meet you where you are at, and to

encourage and support you to move beyond.


It is you that creates Ground Yoga. All of us are valuable, bright expressions of Spirit. We all deserve to be happy and healthy.

Ground Yoga is an inclusive environment that embraces all spiritual traditions as diverse expressions of the Divine.


All Levels. All Welcome.









Vincent Lu

E-RYT 500, YACEP Yoga Alliance

Since 2000, Vincent has studied and practiced a variety of Hatha Yoga styles including Ashtanga Vinyasa, Sivinanda, Iyengar, Yin, Therapeutic and Restorative yoga, and continues to blend this eclectic mix into his own personal practice and teachings. Vincent teaches many yoga classes each year in beginner, intermediate and advanced classes. He focuses on blending the body, mind and spirit and believes without the union of all three in conjunction with the breath, there is no yoga, just physical movement. His teaching style consists of a blend of these schools integrated with balance, meditation, pranayama (breath), mindfulness, presence, and personal revolutions. In his classes Vincent focuses on anatomical principals of alignment, injury prevention and rehabilitation and combining strength building and flexibility. Students are encouraged to listen to their body, adapt the postures to their body and play with their limits without exceeding them.

Vincent has been the lead teacher in numerous 200hr RYT Yoga Alliance courses since 2009 in both Taiwan and his own studio, Ground Yoga, in Canada.

Yoga is Vincent’s passion and he believes it is critical to maintain balance in all aspects of life. His hope is to facilitate students to improve their life by make permanent changes in their body, mind and spirit, as they incorporate the principles of yoga into everyday living.

Val Marriott

RYT 200 Yoga Alliance

Val discovered Yoga after a MVA that significantly limited her mobility and spirit 10 years ago. As an Occupational Health Nurse, Val felt she had to find her own path to recovery.. Yoga proved not only her way back but a way forward to greater clarity and inner strength.

As her practise grew, so did her desire to share her discoveries. She took her first Teacher 200 hour training in 2013. She took various workshops and studied under Nicole Golden and Gert Van Leeuwen and began teaching in 2013. Val's comitment to yoga led her to take a Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training under Vincent Lu in 2015! She feels grateful to have had this opportunity to learn from such a teacher.


Val's passion and energy for yoga infuses her life and desire to share her journey with her students.  Val wants her students to find that Yoga is   freedom and release so they can encounter life, with all it's joy and challenge.

Tonya Wirchenko

E-RYT 200 Yoga Alliance

Tonya loves to share the gifts of yoga that have been so essential to her own health and well-being. Practicing yoga since the mid-90s and teaching since 2005, Tonya aims to make yoga accessible for all kinds of bodies and minds. 


Tonya's continued learning and deepening of her practice is very important to her; specializations include: Advanced Relax & Renew® (Judith Hanson Lasater), Critical Alignment Therapy Level 4 (Gert van Leeuwen), Yin (Vincent Lu & Bernie Clark). Tonya currently is working towards her 500 hr certification.  


The best way to get to know Tonya's teaching style is to come and join her for a class; all are welcome! Tonya's hope is that you will leave class stronger, centered and yet softer.    

Shelby Anderson

RYT200 Yoga Alliance

Yoga is the most potent medicine in Shelby’s life. It soothes anxiety and anger, relieves depression, quiets the mind, inspires her to follow her heart, and grants her a clear mind to make good choices and avoid negative thought patterns. It has given Shelby strength and flexibility, improved her health and taught her how to be aware of her body.
As a newly certified teacher, Shelby is excited to share the practice of yoga with people who want to reconnect with their bodies, improve their mental and physical health, and work to create their own peace of mind.
Shelby has been practising yoga since 2004, but it wasn’t until 2015 that her practise became more disciplined, and at that time she decided to work towards becoming a certified teacher. Shelby has experience teaching Hatha Yoga at two studios, and many private classes. She looks forward to expanding her experience, and to continue studying and training.

`RYT Certified Yoga Instructor through Ground Yoga, Saskatoon, SK, Canada - 2017
`RPYT Certified Prenatal and Post Partum Yoga Instructor through Mamata Yoga, Calgary, AB, Canada -2017
`Certified Birth Doula through Birth Arts International, Reidsville, NC, USA -2017
`Level 1&2 Certified Usui Reiki Practitioner through Melanie Morales, Saskatoon, SK, Canada -2017

Scott O'Byrne

Critical Alignment Therapy Level 4 Certified

Scott first came to yoga to find peace and stillness of mind during a very difficult time in his life. The physical component was intriguing to him, and an added bonus, but never his main interest. Scott’s practice quickly took off as he began to experience the benefits of practice in his mind and body. Scott teaches many different forms and styles of yoga including yin yoga, vinyasa flow yoga, critical alignment therapy, acroyoga, and thai massage. Scott uses his experience and sense of humor to bring play to every practice, inviting an atmosphere where students can explore and build. Finding balance in every practice and exploring creativity brings something new to each class he teaches.

Nina Zettl

RYT 200 Yoga Alliance

Nina began her yoga journey as a young child, introduced to asanas, meditation and pranayama by her mother at the age of 8. Throughout her teens she attended several yoga classes in the style of hatha yoga and feel in love with the practice. On her travels to Europe in 2008/2009 she discovered Vinyasa Flow yoga which ignited her passion to study yoga and deepen her practice. She felt called to share this gift with others and in 012 enrolled in her 200 hour teacher training program with Namaskar Yoga in Saskatoon. Nina has been teaching yoga since September 2012 and has taught over 700 hours throughout the community of Saskatoon. Nina’s style of teaching is a fluid and dynamic practice that focuses on alignment, conscious movement, breathwork and intention, based on the teachings of Namaskar Yoga, Prana Flow and Lila Vinyasa Flow yoga. She designs her class in an intelligent and creative way that considers the entire being – breath, body and soul and encourages her students to be playful in their practice.

Nina’s education includes:
200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (Namaskar Yoga, Yoga Alliance)
85 Hour Registered Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Teacher (Namaskar Yoga, Yoga Alliance)
30 Hour Prana Flow Teacher Training (Adri Kyser, Yoga Alliance)
30 Hour Lila Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training (Clara Roberts, Yoga Alliance)

Mike Nordmarken

RYT 200 Yoga Alliance

Mike walked into his first yoga class in early 2010.

What began as a “love affair” at the gym quickly became an understanding of the physical benefits derived from practicing yoga on a regular basis. During the first 5 years Mike focused on those physical benefits and breath control as a supplement to enhance his weight training program.

Through the guidance and instruction of many amazing, gifted yoga instructors, Mike discovered that he was opening up to the people around him and to new life experiences. Yoga had “calmed his mind” and lessened his introversion. It had become a part of who he was, how he lived his daily life and was no longer just about the physical practice.

Mike feels yoga is many things, but in the end, should simply make you happy. That’s how you know you’re doing it right. He is excited to take his journey to the next level, to grow as an instructor so that he can help mentor others as they develop their own yoga practice.

Michelle Braaten

RYT 200 Yoga Alliance

Michelle was introduced to yoga in 2010. The physical practice alone wasn’t what intrigued her, but the mental clarity that would follow long after leaving the mat. She continued to build her practice both overseas and at home, taking away something new from every teacher she has met. In 2015 she completed the RYT-200 training under Vincent Lu at Ground Yoga. Michelle believes balance is an integral part of living a healthy, happy, life and yoga is a valuable tool that allows for this balance. Michelle enjoys yin as her focus, bringing people back to their breath and essentially directing them back to the mind, body, soul connection.

One of the most beautiful aspects of yoga is the infinite knowledge it provides both on and off the mat. It truly is a limitless journey, and Michelle invites you to join her on that journey today!

Megan Schmidt

Megan Schmidt is a Vinyasa Yoga Instructor and Certified Health Coach. She has been teaching yoga since she was 18, which was also when she began to learn about the benefits of plant-based nutrition and the power of the mind. She teaches others the importance of nourishing their mental, physical and spiritual health through managing their minds, and self-care practices such as eating plant-based, yoga, meditation & journaling. She shows others how incorporating these practices into their daily life will create whole body health and wellness.

Kandice Parker

E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance

Kandice Parker has been self-practicing and training in yoga since 2007.  Kandice’s practice and teachings include vinyasa-based asana, pranayama, meditation, mantras, mudras, and philosophy/science of yoga.  She loves to practice; her own practice includes many strength building asana (inversions and arm balances) with emphasis on mindfulness, softness, working with Shakti/Shiva energies and breaking false dichotomies, creativity, truthfulness, and a lot of enjoyment.  Kandice trained primarily in Shanghai, China with Dominique Runucci (Yogayantra) and Waylon Belding (Zuddhalotus). She has taught and trained while travelling to many different countries such as Botswana, Thailand, India, and the Philippines.  Kandice strongly believes that yoga should be inclusive, unorthodox, and available as a practice to any person.  Kandice now lives in Saskatoon with her four year old son, who also practices yoga.  Kandice also enjoys academics; she has her BSc in Biology, BA in psychology and will complete her MA in social psychology in 2017.  Kandice strives to live and teach yoga in a way that inspires transformation of old patterns; breaking free of things that limit our potential in our lives and our enjoyment of life in the present.


Jevin Barton

RYT 200 Yoga Alliance

Over the past 5 years Jevin has been developing his yogic practice in a variety of styles under the guidance of inspiring teachers. Jevin’s curiosity has led him to explore yoga through academic studies as well as abroad while travelling through India and Thailand. Through his studies and practice, Jevin has experienced and realized transformations that have brought about greater physical health, mental clarity, focus and increased association with his inner spirituality and connection to the natural world.

Jevin believes that each asana (posture) is like learning a new letter in an alphabet and that in time and with practice we will begin to deeply understand the language of our bodies as we fulfill its needs while finding full expression and use of it’s resources. Embracing a philosophy of lead by example, Jevin is excited to share his knowledge, love and enthusiasm for yoga to aide others in realizing physical and mental transformations that may assist them in reaching individual life goals and needs.

Janie McDonnell

RYT 200 Yoga Alliance

A lover of music and travel, Janie started teaching Yoga in 2016. She first fell in love with Yoga 5 years prior at the World Gym in her second yoga class ever with Vincent Lu. She studied her first 200 Hr. Yoga teacher training with Vincent Lu at Ground Yoga and began teaching for the studio shortly afterwards. Since then she has accumulated over 700 hours in teacher trainings in Restorative Yoga with Lynette Suchar, Ashtanga Primary series with Michael Gannon in Playa del Carmen, SUP Yoga at Island Yoga in Aruba and in The Rocket ® with Liliana Mejia of It's Yoga Cancun. She has also had the privilege of enduring week long intensives with Ashtanga certified teachers David Robson and Kino Macgregor. But one of her most memorable lessons was a two hour private with the legendary Ashtangi Chuck Miller in his home on the Big Island of Hawaii. 

Janie incorporates all she's learned through these amazing teachers and her own personal practice in her teaching style whether it be Yin, Flow or Power Yoga.

Fred Reibin

RYT 200 Yoga Alliance

Fred brings a passion for building wisdom through connecting with your body. He trains in Iyengar, yin, and hatha yoga, bringing a holistic approach to class. Fred is an Ayurvedic practitioner, studying under Yogirishi Vishvktu of Anand Prikash. In class, you can expect a light hearted journey into the body, mind, and breath - open to all skill levels.

Frances Wilson

RYT 200Yoga Alliance

Frances Wilson has been doing yoga since the early 2000’s, falling in love with the practice when she discovered it extended beyond physical exercise into a sense of emotional and spiritual well being and strength.  This led her to complete her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training certificate at Namaskar Studio in Saskatoon in 2012 and has been teaching a gentle practice since.  With additional training, Frances has also specialized in teaching chair and chair assisted yoga, with the belief that yoga can be accessible to all, with breath work and body awareness being at the root of all practices. Frances is grateful for the continual learning she gains from her teachers, training workshops, and the yogis that attend her classes.

Brenna Bath

RYT 200 Yoga Alliance

Brenna first discovered yoga in the mid ‘90s, but it wasn’t until 2007, while starting a PhD with 2 toddlers at home, that she turned to a regular practice to help her cope. She is a faculty member in the School of Physical Therapy, University of

Saskatchewan, and completed yoga teacher trainings with Ryan Leier in 2009 and Vincent Lu in 2014. She enjoys practicing many different styles of yoga and believes in encouraging students to customize their practice based on their varying physical,

psychological, and emotional needs.

Bonnie Bomock-Fuller

RYT 200 Yoga Alliance

Bonnie's yoga journey began 15 years ago. From a young age Bonnie suffered with chronic neck and back pain. Visits to chiropractors and massage therapists were a common occurrence to help deal with the pain. Although frustrated, she resided to the fact that it was simply something she had to live with and try to maintain. Although sometimes life seems to direct one in a certain direction.

Bonnie began receiving multiply suggestions,that she should try yoga to aid with her neck and back

issues. After finally succumbing to what seemed like fate leading her, she walked into my first Iyengar yoga class. She recalls clearly the first time she did supported bridge with a block under her sacrum. She remembers how painful it was for her and could barely do it for 10 seconds and would continuously have to come off. But she kept with it and slowly but surely she began to strengthen her back and neck while also gaining flexibility. She stuck with it, she had to set an intention to do the work. Bonnie strongly believes this is the beauty of yoga.

It is not always easy, it can be heart work, it can be hard work. BUT if you stick with it, it can be the

greatest work of all - the more one learns about themselves the more connected and resilient one

becomes. So when the opportunity came to become a yoga teacher it was a natural and welcomed progression for her. Bonnie took her 200 RYT with Vicent Lu at Ground. She loves being a yoga teacher. For her it is an opportunity to connect with others and share joy.

Bonnie’s wish is that we are all able to honour our own journey in some way and come to realize our true potential. To celebrate the small things even though it can be difficult at times. To come to know that it is not the end result nor the goal but the moments in between that really matter. That one day we will all believe that we are so much stronger then we give ourselves credit for. Bonnie is honoured to see the growth within her fellow yogis. For on one level we are separate unique beings and on another we are apart of something that connects us.


Alexa Garside

RYT 200 Yoga Alliance

Alexa is a Yoga teacher from Brighton UK, has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and teaching for 12. She is a Yoga alliance certified senior teacher and teacher trainer and absolutely loves to teach! She likes to bring fun into her classes & believe we should not take ourselves too seriously. She also enjoys adding science and philosophy into her teaching style so the students can learn as they practice which creates an environment that helps you to feel free to speak, ask questions and have fun! Alexa like uniqueness found in techniques from various styles and lineages as well as theming her classes so one can go deeper into various subjects and aspects of Yoga. She is warm and approachable and enjoys giving hugs.

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