Universal Movement Recovery

Universal Movement Recovery is owned and operated by Janis Riise. Janis has a Kinesiology degree from the University of Saskatchewan, is a Certified Exercise Physiologist and studied yoga therapy in India. She has been prescribing exercise since 2011, teaching yoga since 2012 and has over 5 years of clinical rehabilitation experience. Janis specializes in movement recovery, cancer rehabilitation, pain management and functional conditioning. She combines Hatha, Yin, and Restorative yoga styles with exercise therapy and rehabilitation techniques. Janis teaches people how to facilitate their own recovery with trauma informed practices and universal wellness strategies.

Janis can communicate with your current health care providers (physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, etc.) to ensure a collaborative approach to your recovery and create a treatment team to best serve you. If you have not been assessed by a physiotherapist for the injury you are seeking treatment for, Janis can help you choose the right one for you as she has worked with many highly skilled physiotherapists with different specialties in various Saskatoon clinics.

Wellness Consulting

1 hour  • Price varies

Wellness Consultations will be part of the intake process for new clients. These consultations will help determine the treatment goals, specific issues the individual wants to address and aid in the planning process for the customized treatment plan.

Pain Management

1 hour  • Price varies

Pain Management sessions are designed to help individuals understand how pain messages are sent, why calming the nervous system is crucial and determining what movement is right for the individual to begin with.

Cancer Rehabilitation

1 hour  • Price varies

Cancer Rehabilitation is complex and requires multiple strategies, a combination of therapeutic yoga, exercise prescriptions, pain management sessions and targeted functional conditionings may be used to address individual needs.

Exercise Prescriptions

1 hour  • Price varies

Exercise prescriptions are based on assessment information and are targeted to the individual and their health conditions and/or injuries. They incorporate various aspects of fitness. Some examples of an exercise prescription are: mobility exercises, strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, and balance training.

Therapeutic Yoga

1 hour  • Price varies

Therapeutic Yoga programs are designed to calm the nervous system and address any health concerns or injuries with gentle movement and well-aligned yoga poses.

All bookings and payments are through Janis Riise. More information can be found through her Universal Movement Recovery  Facebook page. Contact her by email at yogaandexercisetherapy@gmail.com or by phone at (306) 280-5089